Private Dropbox


Private Dropbox

So for sake of memory and usability I want to write up a quick post on sharing my private dropbox, what it is, how I created it, and why I use it…

So I’ve said this a million times now, but I’m a huge fan of Nextcloud and use it on a regular basis it’s not even funny! But one of the features (hidden) I like about it is the ability to have a public network folder that anyone can upload a file / files to me. Now this isn’t something really Nextcloud really promotes or even mentions but essentially what you do is setup a shared folder and set the following permissions on it…

So now what this essentially does is create a folder on your NC instance, but instead of sharing it with another user of the system you simply set upload only to the folder, then you can share the link with anyone… Now I’ve taken it one step further and created a branded short url with bitly so it’s easy to remember for me.

Here it is…

Of course since this is wide open to the public make sure you have your OPSEC very strict and high such that you’re server doesn’t get spammed or hacked for that matter. There’s several ways of handling this, but that will have to be another article!

wo0t!! Go Nextcloud again for kicking everyone’s asses!

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