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Personal Calendar

So this is my first article written using Forestry.io default front matter editor feature, so excuse me if it’s all f’d up!

Anyway, not only am I utterly and completely stoked with my newly launched Data Storage Platform - File Server / Project tasking (Kanban) / Bookmarks / Password Vault / CalDav Calendar / Contacts. Not only has this platform allowed me to drop at least 4-5 paid services I was subscribed to, but all my shit is fully encrypted! Just one step closer to de-googlefication! Also wanted to show you how I’m keeping track of events on the mobile side, since I now no longer have the luxury of hitting next-next-enter server-finish and magically my mobile device is now in sync with my computer… More on that here momentarily…

So I’ve installed an instance of Nextcloud on a server of mine. With it, amongst several other features is a Calendar (fully functional). I’ve now fully migrated to using it as my primary calendar. A big factor in me making this decision was being able to sync it with all or any device just as I would with Exchange or Google.

Lets just see some shots and then I can ramble some more…

Mobile Calendar

So there’s this software company named Moleskine whom are apparent bad asses! Never heard of em until recently, but I love their products! Both software and physical items.

See time as a continuous flow

Your calendar is displayed as a continuous timeline, making it easy to view a whole week at a glance, display your schedule for one day or look further ahead with a simple swipe.

Supports all calendars that are iPhone compatible including Exchange, Outlook, Office365, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, Google, iCloud, CalDAV and more.

This freakin app is so sexy and badass, it’s completely configurable! It’s honestly my first 3rd party calendar app for iOS that I’ve enjoyed using! I’ve always just used the native iOS calendar, never felt the need to see events any different. Most likely because at a previous startup we essentially wrote an event calendar from scratch, which I found to be completely waste of time! Talk about re-writing the wheel!

Not only does Moleskine have physical products but their apps are clean as ever! Check these guys out! https://us.moleskine.com/en/moleskine-/apps/0302-2

There will be several more articles on my Glory Hole / Nextcloud experience and features!

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