Love Services that KISS!

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One of these days… When I find the time or more importantly find the idea of creating a super simple creative service that is not only useful for developers but maybe useful for the masses! Of course my plan would be to open source it as this is the only logical way of constructively writing software… An example of a simple creative service would be something like which is something EVERYONE could use and would use if they only knew about it!

My Hugo Theme Hits the Site!


Hugo Theme Live! So after many constructive and good feedback from the core hugo team, my pull request for a new theme has finally passed all the checks and is now live on Hugo Assembly So for no particular reason I’ve ported over a open sourced theme to hugo. I’ve used it before on a website, but figured it’d be pretty cool to throw something up on hugo’s contributed community driven themes!

On-Premise Calendar finally!


Personal Calendar So this is my first article written using default front matter editor feature, so excuse me if it’s all f’d up! Anyway, not only am I utterly and completely stoked with my newly launched Data Storage Platform - File Server / Project tasking (Kanban) / Bookmarks / Password Vault / CalDav Calendar / Contacts. Not only has this platform allowed me to drop at least 4-5 paid services I was subscribed to, but all my shit is fully encrypted!

Badass / Game Changing Hardware

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Estimote LTE Beacon It’s a small, wireless beacon that can compute both its precise indoor and outdoor position. It can talk directly to the cloud and last multiple years on a battery. Estimote LTE Beacons are designed primarily to seamlessly locate assets and vehicles when they move between indoor and outdoor environments. Their secure firmware/cloud software is crafted to provide true “proof of location” and “proof of delivery.”

Installing Vim8 with lua-interp Feature


Compilation Circa 91’ Bonanza Alright now, I know I’ve dealt with this a couple times if not more, and by “this” I mean having a Vim8 install without the Lua interpreter feature! And it’s fuckin ridiculous that I’m having to compile a 25+ yr. old text editor from source to get auto-complete to function properly. Hence why I am such a flamboyant Sublime Text Editor cheerleader! However, not getting into that debate at the moment (don’t wanna kick you while you’re down), I’d rather focus more on a solution such that one could carry on with his/her tasks, whether it be on a server (in my case), container, or workstation.