Fresh website, fresh résumé?

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So for no particular reason tonight I decided I wanted a new resume. I found it fitting since I just launched this new website, I thought hell why not have a new resume for prospective employers to download. Well one hour later and the genius help of Toolbox for Pages. I was able to purchase a template from them and go to town!

Before I show you what I came up with, I first want to give a shout out to the designers at Jumsoft! Ever since I’ve discovered and installed Toolbox for Pages it’s hard for me to NOT ever use one of their templates for whatever document I may be creating at the time. I’ve probably purchased at least 10 templates from them by now. They integrate with Pages so nicely, they just simply add their template to your chooser. It’s fucking amazing and thanks guys!

I present you Aqua de Résumé

Tell me what you think? Is it a bit to much, do you think its overkill if and when I send it to hiring managers? Or do you think it’ll stand out enough to remember me by? I think its pretty clean to be honest, although I’m not sure what to do with the skills charts/graphs. I suppose the charts are more of a visual thing than actual metrics!

Idunno?? It’s just a concept I threw together, I have another Toolbox template I want to put together… Standby.

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