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One of these days…

When I find the time or more importantly find the idea of creating a super simple creative service that is not only useful for developers but maybe useful for the masses! Of course my plan would be to open source it as this is the only logical way of constructively writing software… An example of a simple creative service would be something like which is something EVERYONE could use and would use if they only knew about it! Maildrop is a service for… Well I’ll let them explain it:

Exhibit 1

MailDrop is a free throwaway e-mail address. It’s temporary. It’s transient. It’s disposable. It’s meant for those times when you don’t want to give out your real address. Just give someone any e-mail address in the domain, come back here, put in the e-mail address, and you can see that inbox.

MailDrop has no signups.

MailDrop has no passwords.

MailDrop is designed for no security.

MailDrop is designed for little to no privacy.

MailDrop offers the ability to give out a quick e-mail address to any site or app, then after you’ve established more trust with that site, you can give them your real e-mail address.

MailDrop helps to stop your inbox from getting flooded with spam from that one time you registered on a site which got hacked.

MailDrop can be used to get your receipt for your e-commerce purchase, without signing up to be spammed on a regular basis with “latest offers”.

In short, MailDrop can help you cut out the amount of junk in your inbox.

Great Use Case

So what led me to put together this article of Create Simple Services (CSS) is the application of this service used within another application. So if you’re old enough like myself, you remember the service Digg… Well it was essentially one of the first bookmarking services that stored your personal links in one location just like is today. Not sure Digg had as many integrations as Pocket does today, but then again the world wasn’t so mobile and device driven then either. Well I don’t use Pocket or Digg these days, I have my own personal bookmarking datastore, and it integrates ever so cleverly with this CSS called Screenly! What an awesome use case for an awesome little service that I’m finding more and more useful! Here’s the use case:

As you can see it grabs screenshots and makes a grid of thumbnails of all my saved bookmarks! Fuckin Clever! I love this! Not only does it make it way faster for me to locate the url/link I’m looking for, but the aesthetics are much better than a list of links with descriptions!

Exhibit 2

Pretty fuckin cool Service if you ask me! A matter of fact here’s this site taken within the service itself…

I may just have to clone this source code and deploy on one of my servers just in case it ever goes away!

Can you think of any Creative Simple Services?

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