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headphones and other audio devices are definitely worth looking into! I just recently picked up a pair of the Out There ANC/Bluetooth headphones and for a pair of $60 ear muffs they definitely compete! That is they’re just as comfortable if not more comfortable than my current or past On-the-ear Sennheiser’s. The ear pads on these beauts are soo comfortable nor are they so tight pressed against the ears. So who is JAM Audio?

Jam Audio is a company out of Michigan, they seem to have a pretty well known social media presence with roughly 4k followers on mostly all outlets (Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc), and seem to have a killer media team or hired one because their video quality and production are very Apple-esk circa 2012! Never heard of the company before I impulse purchased these. I was walking out of the store with some cheap Sony MDR-whatever and glanced at the price and design of the JAM Out There headphones, so I curiously grabbed them to save money, but also to run to an arrangement I was late for! Couldn’t wait to get home and try these foreign ear muffs out, I mean as an Audiophile who wouldn’t be right? The box was super “plain-jane”, the branding is very clean and simple. I snatched a pair of the black ones, but now looking into the company a bit more, wish I had the option of blue or white!


The most noticeable feature I’ve noticed with these besides the comfortability is their battery life and bluetooth connection quality!

Final Thoughts

So overall I’d rate these headphones an 8.0/10 purely for price point and quality of the hardware itself. The sound quality is not bad either, just not the best I’ve heard!

Looks like they have some other products (and models) I’d certainly be down to have in my possession! ;-)

JAM other products

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