First there was Forestry then Waffle-Bot then, then...


No Relation, only to bears

Ok so these two sources of software are completely un-related. I’ve just been on a roll these past couple weeks with discovering tools and utils I’ve decided to merge these two together in a single post.

Before I carry on and start to explain how badass []() is and express the fact that I’m a bit peeved I overlooked it before, because its essentially exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time at my various day jobs. While at the same time needing another article to write on me good ol’ trusty static website – Hugo. However, there’s something a bit different this time around, something elegant, something you would have no idea if I didn’t spill the beans right now. Well my friends, articles are no longer being written and edited in vim or sublime. Content being added to this site is no longer being handled in text editor and me having to preview the Markdown vigorously. Articles (and any content) are now and forever going to be created with some class, written in forestry’s markdown editor, very similar to my favorite notes app

Forestry Markdown Editor

Any who, I want to get to the crux of this write up and even though I’m absolutely loving []() and everything about the project I must introduce you to Waffle Bot !

WaffleBot is an add-on to the core product. It is used for automatic work tracking, in other words: moving issues across your Waffle board automatically.

There regular auto-work tracking and WaffleBot do the same thing, both automatically move issues across the Waffle board. The main difference is that their regular auto-work tracking will show the user as taking actions in GitHub and WaffleBot will show as the bot taking the action. Like so…

Workflow with WaffleBot

Once I seen this in action I was like what!!!? About time, no longer need to tie my ticket with my merge request… The company couldn’t of said it better:

A single view for all of your team’s work

Waffle keeps teams in one place, with a single view to see all of your work in GitHub. Wondering what pull requests need your attention, or what you should work on next? Don’t worry about jumping around tabs to see if there are any pull requests you need to review or failing builds you need to fix, Waffle shows you everything your team needs to know in a simple board interface.

So here it is in action, I’ve went ahead and taken some shots with an early project or a project that has hardly any activity. Like this one!

So as you can see here, the ticket we’re dealing with here is actively a work in progress, if not nearly wrapping up as it has a pull request in Github.

Notice there is no completed tickets in our columns. Let’s pretend our super annoying PM is pestering us for ticket #1 / PR4 with his/her imaginary internal deadline that he/she is on the hook for…

All that’s needed for this ticket to be closed is another developer (or myself) with knowledge of my ticket, simply merge and close the pull request. A process that is going to happen 98% of the time across millions of software systems! Isn’t that just freakin perfect!

Yay! now that my ticket is merged and closed I normally would have to track down the ticket associated with this task and do the same thing. Not anymore thanks to WaffleBot!!

And there you have it folks! Auto tracking of your tasks simply by working with your peers as normal or working with WaffleBot if you’re a solo act!

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