I am a Codementor


Codementor is the open marketplace for both live 1:1 help and long-term mentorship.

I’ve been mentoring and helping various developers (all levels), founders, project owners, and students on Codementor for approx. 3 years now and I absolutely love it! Teaching has something I’ve always wanted to do and I believe this platform provides that desire of mine at this point in my life. Not to mention I love getting to work on so many different types of applications, systems, and scripts. I’ve landed several connections and long term projects through Codementor.

Feel free to look at my profile reviews!?

I am a codementor


Codementor facilitates the ability for me to help you with…

Instant Trouble-Shooting

Get answers to situation-specific problems that you cannot find answers for on sites like Stack Overflow.

Pair Programming

Pair program with domain experts and become proficient in the latest technologies.

Code Review

Improve your code quality with on-demand code review by domain experts.

Shipping Products Faster

Overcome key challenges with the advice of a Codementor to speed up your development process. Our experts can also help out with quick tasks.

Feel free to reach out to me whenever?? Just send me a message here

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