The Sidekick DLX is super solid!


OK so I know I haven’t talked much about Eastwood guitars on here, but I do regret because I have totally been all about them lately and can’t wait for the fucking day I get one shipped to my doorstep!! They make throwback guitars, with their own twist of uniqueness, and depending on who you lissten to, there’s a small chance they have one! I lave em! They carry about 10 series or lines of guitar brands and makes, all unique in their own craft!

JAMs Out There


headphones and other audio devices are definitely worth looking into! I just recently picked up a pair of the Out There ANC/Bluetooth headphones and for a pair of $60 ear muffs they definitely compete! That is they’re just as comfortable if not more comfortable than my current or past On-the-ear Sennheiser’s. The ear pads on these beauts are soo comfortable nor are they so tight pressed against the ears. So who is JAM Audio?

Piping the output of a Binary API Response

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Company Logo API So I recently found this super cool service that returns a company logo from an open free API. You can alter the size, greyscale, and format all within a single request. This endpont is completely free, just gotta give them some attribution. Here the company explains it best… While services like Gravatar make it straightforward to pull in a user’s default avatar, we haven’t found anything that caters well to company logos.

Magic Mouse 2 vs. MX Anywhere 2S

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So as the title says it all! These two pieces of hardware are by far the top two best clickers on the market right now! So which super badass mouse would you ride with? Logitech MX Anywhere 2S (Cobalt) Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Black Edition) So I own and standby whole hearted by my Logitech MX Master 2S mouse! It’s by far the best mouse I’ve ever owned and used.

Love Services that KISS!

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One of these days… When I find the time or more importantly find the idea of creating a super simple creative service that is not only useful for developers but maybe useful for the masses! Of course my plan would be to open source it as this is the only logical way of constructively writing software… An example of a simple creative service would be something like which is something EVERYONE could use and would use if they only knew about it!