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I’m supposed to express my creative thought processes and manifest technological theories so naturally you get a preconceived notion of me. Well let us not pin me in a corner, I am a lot of things and take on many many roles, but for this outlet I’ll just go ahead and label myself a Software Craftsman that’s versed on several platforms and environments, we can go as far as saying that I’ve automated a system before. I’m not gonna promise many publications here, but what I can offer is wisdom obtained after nearly 12 yrs of Software Development. Majority of this decade of software craftsmanship has been working on PaSS/SaSS applications. Many of these systems have been targeted towards big businesses, some extremely successful and complex, others not so much.

You can find some of these projects on AngelList along with my most recent references.

Latest Interests

Recently I’ve been focusing in DevOps Automations and Compliance. Largely, Continuous Deployment with Automated Compliance testing in a large (very large) distributive system (Chef Automation, KitchenCI) with containers, lots of containers (Docker, snaps)! Here is my tek cloud (not tag) of various systems, tools, languages, and platforms I use pretty regularly

techonology interests

Past Products & Teams

Here’s some products I’ve worked on throughout my career with various companies and teams, by no means is this a complete list of my work. A sh*t ton of the source code I’ve contributed to are in private repositories everything, either sitting on Government hardware or on Bitbucket Server, Github enterprise, or Gitlab Self-Hosted. Unfortunately this is the truth at hand, so if you’re interested in working with me, just reach out and I can explain in depth all the various projects and systems I’ve worked on…

Bowtie Agency Inc.

Full Stack (Rails, AWS, React) Web Developer working full time on the product

17hats Inc.

Contributed to both mobile and web teams to ensure a successful launch of the 17hats iOS App.

Coupa Software Inc.

A Mobile Dev Manager to Lead iOS Engineer ran team to the successful launch of one of the first enterprise level expenses iOS Mobile Applications.

OppenheimerFunds Inc.

Sr. Web Developer contributed to the complete re-factor & architecture of their high-net worth client sites. Project “Sophisticated Client” provides more in depth scope of financial data for this type of investor.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Designed, developed and architect web applications for various Government organizations. Additionally, I was part of the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation (AFOTEC) prime contract with SAIC, we conducted various military and Government organizations assessments

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